The FreeOut Trail will take place on the beautiful Island of Cres in Croatia. This gathering is formed by outdoors enthusiasts and free divers seeking an experience without limits and borders. Immerse yourself in deep blue nature.

FreeOut trails stands for original, elemental seatrekking. The appeal of this expedition lies in its character – in absolute harmony with wild precious nature. The island Cres will be our playground for absolute joy, freedom, spirit and nightlong talks by the bonfire. We might have different backgrounds and motives to be part of this trail, but we all have one thing in common – a profound connection to the endless ocean.

The overall concept which leads us through our journey, is the responsibility of each individual for himself whilst caring for the wellbeing within the group. Likewise, we follow the philosophy that the scouts are not just guides, they share their extensive experience as one among equals. Experience in customized tours, bivouac, outdoor skills and a respectful approach to nature is a required. The route of the trail and further details will be shared and discussed with the participants in advance – once we are on site we will share our thoughts about the route and the conditions before entering the unknown. The term ‘Free Out’ says nothing about the degree of difficulty or the dangers of the trail route but stands for the character of a free gathering of experienced free divers and outdoor/water driven people who want to join a group of individually organized seatrekkers. Be part of a unique opportunity to meet like-minded people and join the power of a sustainable movement.


You can reach Porozina by bus or by car. We'll meet in Porozina on August 18th at 9 AM at a parking lot close by (GPS: 45.133848, 14.287449). 


Ideally you bring your own seatrekking equipment, including the seatrekking bag, outdoor equipment and free-diving gear. You can rent seatrekking and outdoor equipment for an overall fee of 120 € (tax included) – payed cache at Porozina. It is necessary to bring your own snorkeling/free-diving gear (snorkle, goggles, fins, socks, wetsuit (full suit min. 3mm) & wetsuit hood!).  


No accommodation necessary. During the trail we have overnight stays in the outdoors at the sea coast.


You take care of your own meals. There is no supermarket in Porozina so please bring your own supply of food and water. Anyway, there are a few snack bars around.


In addition, each participant needs an insurance policy that needs to be taken to the camp. We recommend DIVE CARD Basic , it costs 45 EUR  and offers 1-year worldwide protection for travel and diving.


The trail will only take place when minimum of three people attend. If you prefer yourself putting together your own group of at least a total of three people, we will give you a 10% discount on your fee. Just leave us a message in the note field when you register.
In case of valid reasons (illness, force majeure) you can not participate, or in case the Scout can not perform the trail for such a valid reason  (Force majeure disease), you will receive a voucher for another trail to the maximum value of the booked Trail. If the minimum of three people are not reached, the trail does not take place and all participants receive such a voucher. In case the subscriber chooses an alternative but not equally priced Trail, the participant himself has to pay the difference. The voucher is valid for three years.
Furthermore, subject to the Terms and Conditions the ÁETEM GmbH.


The Spot

Beli, Cres – Croatia

Free Out Trail for experienced free divers

Free up your Mind – Feel the Power within Nature

Cres, Croatia

The scouts joining your trip will be:
Leslie Burkhalter (seatrekking professional & experiential educator), Bernhard Wache (mentoring), Danko Skalamera (local seatrekking pro guide), Leopold Loitfelder (seatrekking scout)

For any request feel free to contact us:, or

Date18 – 20 August 2018PlacePorozina, Cres, CroatiaDifficultymedium – advancedPrerequisitesphysical fitness, snorkeling and free diving experience, basic outdoor skillsTraining 3D freediving up to 10 meters depth, zero gravity taring, outdoor knowledge LanguagesGerman, English, Italian, Croatian, French