This Professional Workshop is created for Freed Divers and Free Dive instructors who are interested in becoming a Seatrekking guide. Seatrekking experts Nik Linder and Bernhard Wache teach the basics of the sport and prepare the participants for how to organize their own Seatrekking Trails. As practical method, this practical workshop includes a 2-Day Trail with a group of beginners who will be guided by the participants.


We provide your main Seatrekking sports tool, the waterproof and hydrodynamic Seatrekking Bag (BIG PACK). All equipped with your basic Outdoor Equipment: one high quality air mattress, sleeping bag, bivi bag, water bag of 10 Liters, cooking set and two pack bags for clothing and food. We send you further information with your booking.


Arrival is autonomous. We are happy to organize car pooling with the participants. Detailed arrival infos come with your booking.


You take care of your own meals. For the trail itself, we will send you a list of recommended foods, so you can bring  your preferred ones in advance.


One overnight in the open or tent at Lake Constance. Before and after the Trail you can book a simple accommodation in the region, if needed. We provide further information with your application.


In addition, each participant needs an insurance policy that he or she needs to take to the trail. We recommend DIVE CARD Basic , it costs 45 EUR  and offers 1-year worldwide protection for travel and diving.


The camp takes place when reaching to four weeks before the start of the minimum number of three people. If you yourself putting together a group of at least a total of three people, you get 10% discount on your registration fee. Give us just when you register in the note field modest.
If a participant for good reasons can not participate (illness, force majeure), or the Guide should from such a valid reason  (Force majeure disease) can not perform trail, created ÁETEM a voucher for another trail to the maximum value of the booked Trail. If the minimum of three people are not reached, the trail does not take place and creates the participants just such a voucher. If the newly-booked with the coupon from the subscriber Trail to be expensive to be paid by the participant the difference. The voucher is valid for three years.
Furthermore, subject to the Terms and Conditions the ÁETEM GmbH.


Lake Constance

Workshop for Professionals

Professional Workshop

Lake Constance, Germany

Special workshop for Free divers and Free dive instructors.

DateMay 31, 20178 – June 03, 2018PlaceLake Constance, GermanyDifficultymedium – advancedPrerequisitesphysical fitness, free diving skills, hiking experience and basic outdoor skillsTrainingSeatrekking basics, bivouac, equipment handling, zero gravity taring, trail planning, security aspects ParticipantsMax. 5LanguagesGerman, English