4-days Seatrekking trail with 3 overnights in the wilderness of the Croatian coast and one day introduction on the camp site of Bali. On this trail adventure you will experience Seatrekking at its core. You build up basic skills needed, including equipment handling, free diving, bivouac and outdoor survival skills, and get insights about how to plan a trail. You dive into this new outdoor sport, refresh your body and mind and deepen your connection to nature and to a like minded community. 

The wild coast of the island Cres is still one of the last spots in Europe where you can encounter animals like deers, rabbits, wild pigs, hawks and dolphins. Not only is this place perfect due to christal clear waters and calm bays but the forests and protected beaches also offer enough shadow for breaks and overnight camps.


Your main sports equipment is the waterproof Seatrekking bag. We provide our hydrodynamic Big Pack for you, including: the elastic Seatrekking leash, a taring vest and basic camping gear.

Additionally you need free dive equipment with a perfect matching wetsuit (apnea or surf suit, 5 mm hooded or an extra separate hood). If you need to rent some of the equipment, please let us know. We will provide a detailed pack list with your registration. 


Beli, Cres, Croatia
Please follow the GPS data set. : 47.780870, 9.064686l. You can come by train, car or plane, e.g. to Rijeka or the harbor Porozina or Meraq and take the ferry to Cres. We organize carpooling and pick up from the harbor. Please reach out to us.


You take care of your own meals. Before and after the trail you find good traditional and affordable restaurants, snack bars and a small food store  on location. For the trail we will send you some recommendations for what to bring with you.


Introduction Day: You need to rent one overnight on the camp site or in one of the apartments or guest houses of Beli. During the trail you bivouac at the coast and in the forest. If you like to stay longer in one of Beli`s accommodations, please make sure to reserve there directly in advance. We will provide all necessary information for you with your reservation.


In addition, each participant needs an insurance policy that needs to be taken to the camp. We recommend DIVE CARD Basic , it costs 45 EUR  and offers 1-year worldwide protection for travel and diving.


The trail will only take place when minimum of three people attend. If you prefer yourself putting together your own group of at least a total of three people, we will give you a 10% discount on your fee. Just leave us a message in the note field when you register.
In case of valid reasons (illness, force majeure) you can not participate, or in case the Scout can not perform the trail for such a valid reason  (Force majeure disease), you will receive a voucher for another trail to the maximum value of the booked Trail. If the minimum of three people are not reached, the trail does not take place and all participants receive such a voucher. In case the subscriber chooses an alternative but not equally priced Trail, the participant himself has to pay the difference. The voucher is valid for three years.
Furthermore, subject to the Terms and Conditions the ÁETEM GmbH.

The Spot

Beli, Island Cres, Croatia

4-Days Beginners Camp, July

Beginners Camp

Beli, Cres, Croatia

4-days Seatrekking camp for free divers with basic outdoor experience.

Date22 – 25 July 2019PlaceBeli, Cres – CroatiaDifficultymedium-advancedPrerequisitesphysical fitness, free diving skills, hiking experience and basic outdoor skillsTrainingSeatrekking basics, bivouac, equipment handling, 3D free diving, zero gravity taring, ParticipantsMax. 5LanguagesEnglish, Croatian