FreeOut Trails generally stand for original, elemental Seatrekking. The appeal of this route lies in its character of an expedition – in absolute harmony with wild, precious nature. This beautiful car-free island is reachable by ferry. We will meet in Rijeka and start our trail from there.

Each participant in the group is 100% responsible for themselves. The trail and the foreseeable details will be shared jointly in advance and discussed and then again before diving into the route locally. The Scout is not a guide, he shares his extensive experience as one among equals. Experience in customized tours, bivouac, outdoor skills and a respectful approach to nature is a prerequisite. FreeOut says nothing about the degree of difficulty or the dangers of a trail route but stands for the character of a free gathering of experienced freedivers who want to join a group of individually organized Seatrekkers.


We can organize the arrival together. You can take the car, bus or train to Rijeka. We will meet directly in Rijeka, check the equipment and then take the ferry together to this lonely island off Cres.


Ideally you bring your own Seatrekking equipment, including the Seatrekking Bag, Outdoor Equipment and free diving gear. Please ask us, if you need to rent a Seatrekking Bag for this trail.


No accommodation necessary. During the trail we have overnights in the outdoors at the Sea coast and in a cave.


You take care of your own meals. There is one tiny place where we can get food and water and at the end of the route we find a small restaurant to relax. For the trail we will send you some recommendations for what to bring with you.


The trail will only take place when a minimum of three people attend.
In case of valid reasons (illness, force majeure) you can not participate, or in case the Scout can not perform the trail for such a valid reason  (Force majeure disease), you will receive a voucher for another trail to the maximum value of the booked Trail. If the minimal number of three people is not reached, the trail does not take place and all participants receive a voucher. In case the subscriber chooses an alternative but not equally priced Trail, the participant himself has to pay the difference. The voucher is valid for three years.
Furthermore, subject to the Terms and Conditions the ÁETEM GmbH.


West of Cres Island, Croatia

Free Out Trail for experienced free divers

Seatrekking Free Out Trail

This Free Out Trail to a very special island west of Cres is for Seatrekking Beginners with Free Dive experience who want to get a glimpse of what Seatrekking is about.

Date06 – 09 August 2020Difficultymedium Prerequisitesphysical fitness, snorkeling experience, basic outdoor skillsTraining3 D freediving up to 15 meters depth, zero gravity taring, outdoor knowledge ParticipantsMax. 5LanguagesGerman, English



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