Big Pack James C. 3.0

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Extreme compact & robust

Ashore or afloat, James C. is a reliable companion; ideal for versatile routes. Designed for tours lasting several days, Big Pack provides a capacity of about 50 to 70 l.

The Harness – Wearing comfort ashore

Big Pack is worn like a comfortable backback: two ergonomically shaped shoulder straps and a cushioned strap for the waist. Both are easily detached for tours in the water. The harness can be adjusted in height to fit most body sizes.

Aquadynamic shape

The shape of the gas- and waterproof outer shell is specifically designed to create an aquadynamic performance while getting pulled along with the Seatrekking leash.

100 % gas- & waterproof zipper

The high quality  circumferential gasproof zip keeps out dampness 100%  – even on longer lasting journeys.

The Boston Valve

The Big Pack can be inflated quickly by means of a valve. The inflated Pack slides easily on the water surface.

Inherently stable

We developed a gauge pressure system that makes James C. inherently stable: the outer surface is smoothed by the inner pressure. This reduces the drag while floating in the water.

Multi-chamber system

An adjustable membrane seperates two chambers. Wet items can therefore be kept away from dry ones. The main chamber with circumferential zip is water- and gasproof.

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 80 × 50 × 25 cm

• variable load: 50 – 70 liters
• variable chamber length
• carrying system for 20 kg load
• detachable hip belt
• optimized load bearing system
• long roll-top to vary load
• extrem long high-quality Dynat zipper
• flap to protect the zipper from sand
• strong PE outer material, 100% waterproof
• yellow inner material for better visibility
• revolving daisy-chain system
• large Boston-valve for easy inflation
• high quality snap hook
• signalling whistle
• diving flag included
• 1-year warranty
• repair kit included

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