Stream Pack Steve Z.

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Simply a perfect Seatrekking Bag.

Our Stream Pack “Steve Z.” is the minimalized and compact version of Big Pack „James C.“, providing absolute gas- and waterproof protection for your equipment in its one chamber. With its packing volume of 45 to 60 Liters, the Stream Pack gives you all the freedom you need for your trips into the wilderness.

Ideal for short adventure trips.

So what`s the difference to usual waterproof bags? Our Seatrekking Bag has a perfectly streamlined shape and aqua dynamic features so you can easily drag it behind you on a leash while in the water. Its comfortable carrying system with detachable waist strap allows comfortable carrying even of heavy loads while trekking ashore.

Aquadynamic shape

It‘s aquadynamic shape, it‘s bow and it‘s even pressure-straightened surface allow the Stream Pack to glide through water in a very efficient way.

Easy accessible One-chamber-system.

Comparing to other waterproof bags our Seatrekking Packs are produced with extra long, circumferential waterproof T-Zip zippers which allow easy accessibility and comfortable packing. Without unpacking the whole bag you easily find your perfectly arranged stuff.

Adaptable volume

Thanks to the sealed upper end the Stream Pack remains gas-proof while retaining a variable load capacity. Using the reliable boston valve the Stream Pack will be inflated in a flash.

Packing and unpacking is done by using the large zipper only. The upper part is used for compression of the load and for variability of its size.

Stream Pack „ Steve Z.“ compared to Big Pack „James C.

To make your access to Seatrekking easier, we designed this new Stream Pack in a simplified version of our professional Big Pack.

The Stream Pack is perfect for shorter Seatrekking Trails and for beginners who do not want to do without the functionality and quality of a real Seatrekking Bag.

We reduced the two-chamber-system into one large chamber with a volume of 45 to 65 Liters.

The Stream Pack is also manufactured in Bavaria, Germany, in the same top-level quality as our Big Pack “James C.”. We use robust materials and a comfortable carrying system. The outer material is made completely of a TPU-laminated nylon textile and comes in a slick finish.

The perfect gear for your expedition into the wilderness.

Weight 2.7 kg

• capacity of 45 – 65 liters
• Boston valve for easy and fast inflating
• circumferential daisy chain for fixing equipment
• optimized bearing system
• detachable waist strap
• robust, tear-resistant outer material
• signalling whistle
• repairing kit



• attachable diving flag
• tension belts with aluminium hooks
• elastic Seatrekking Leash for optimal movement in the water

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