Seatrekking Leash SL-71

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Super elastic & hardly noticeable

The ÁETEM Seatrekking Leash was designed to meet the requirements of travelling through the oceans with a Seatrekking Bag like the Big Pack or Stream Pack. The dragged weight is accelerated with a lag and its water resistance is hardly noticeable at the ankle strap. The Leash is supplied with a swivel to minimise the twist of the elastic cord.


The Seatrekking Leash has a quick-release system to open the ankle strap quickly if needed and its yellow colour is easy to spot under water.

Usable as anchoring system

The leash can even be used to anchor the Big Pack in shallow waters by tying a knot around a reasonably sized stone. So you can move freely underwater while the bag stays at the same spot.

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 200 cm

• elastic leash for Seatrekking bags
• length 7 m
• quick-release function
• very well visible under water
• can also be used as anchor

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